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For too long, we have thought that tax advice was just about getting those returns filed on time. But, it turns out that when we think about taxes the right way for your career, business, priorities, and goals…we need a different kind of relationship with our tax advisor. One built on trust, communication, and availability.

We cannot predict when you will need your big questions answered. This is why I am changing the game on how you access, get educated about, and rethink your tax priorities…along with getting those filings done on time.

I am one stop for all of your tax questions, planning, education, and returns. When you are a client of mine, we develop a working relationship that starts with understanding your total financial goals and helping you align your tax strategy and advice to those goals and challenges.

Tax Planning and Strategy
Knowing the tax implications of your big ideas gives you both peace of mind and a strategy that allows you to confidently move forward. Whether you are about to become partner, launch a new business, or are considering diversifying your investments, I help you understand the issues and options available. We can talk big picture and then get into the details when needed. As your tax advisor, I am available year-round to answer your questions and strategize with you.
Workshops and Speaking
One of my favorite things is to educate and speak on all things taxes. Whether through a podcast, workshop, or webinar, I am able to break down complicated tax information into manageable bites and share it in plain English.

Financial education is a way to help you and those that work for you feel empowered to make the smart decisions…whether it is understanding deductions and benefits, to knowing what that big promotion means for their tax obligations and my workshops provide the practical knowledge to do just that.
Tax Preparation
As your tax advisor, I help prepare the tax filings you need to stay compliant each year. These include everything for your Federal and state individual tax returns (throughout the U.S.), estimated tax payments, nanny tax returns and W2s, and 1099 filings for contractors. I also help clients handle notice and audit responses and representation.

More About Lisa

Finding a tax advisor that fits your needs is a complicated process. You are looking for someone who has the experience and expertise to answer all your questions, along with someone who also has the accessibility and time to support you when you need it most. As it turns out, this is precisely what I bring to the table and how I help my clients.

In 2003, I made the bold decision to build my own firm based on the belief that I need my business to work for my life as well as for how my clients need and want their tax advice. By limiting the size of my practice, I am able to truly know each client and support their individual goals. This proactive approach to taxes and tax planning results in my clients feeling prepared and empowered to make informed decisions that work for where they want to go.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master’s degree in Taxation from DePaul University and have been an Enrolled Agent since 1997, licensed to represent my clients before the IRS. Throughout my 25-year career in taxes, I have worked to gain the experience and expertise my clients need me to have to provide the tax advice they need now so they can make smart decisions for their business and families.


Frequently Asked Questions

I work with individuals, including small business owners who file on a Schedule C – i.e. sole proprietors and single member LLCs – rental real estate investors and partners in law firms. I also speak and run programs with law firms, and companies, who want to help their employees better understand taxes to make more informed money decisions.

I take time to listen to you, to ask you questions and to help you understand how taxes work in a way that won’t make your brain hurt. My goal is not to make you a tax expert. It is to create awareness so you can make decisions that fit your priorities, and move you towards meeting or maintaining your goals.

This workshop is a combination of a learning platform, and an individual consultation to provide you the targeted support and answers you need. The online program takes about 1 hour.

I have a flat rate structure for tax preparation and planning for each of my clients. This allows you to know you will get the tax support you need throughout the year, without worrying about being charged for additional calls or questions. Please contact me for the custom pricing for tax planning, workshops, and speaking.

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